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King Kong is my Spirit Guide

July 15, 2019

How to start.....It should first be known that I was born with a keen senusal acumen.  This feature, acompanied by a fever of truth made me destructive to known systems, families, beliefs, customs, well you get the idea.  I was so little when the motion picture was released in 1976.  At age four or five I was introduced to King Kong by my mother who took me with her to the cinema regularly.  We received a drinking cup at the premiere which I drank from proudly there after.  

My mother was an elegant woman, she had her hair done, she took over an hour to primp and  prepare herself for the world.   Every morning she bathed, put hot curlers in her hair, shaved her legs, curled eyelashes, drew on eyebrows, squeezed into a girdle, and donned beautiful suits accompanied by silk blouses and stockings with fine heels.  In short, she was beyond fabulous.  And so the images of glamorous women like Jessica Lange as "Dwan" in King Kong were believable to me and also a common occurance.   As a young girl I spent hours in department store dressing rooms surrounded by stylish modelesque women and men and so Hollywood seemed very nearly natural.

While beautiful women were common and believed to me King Kong was mirrored deep inside of my psyche.  He was wild, fearless with his feelings and expressive of his desires.  He wanted Dwan raw and natural.  He plucked her from a barren shining steel and concrete world, he seeked to save her from it's uncaring confusion.  He saw the stuctures of urban existence the Empire state building as  a means of escape, to maul and climb somehow out of the tangle of its grasp all the while clutching a symbol of it's glory a comely, fertile, loving, benevolent creature.  Kong seeked to protect the driving force of creation and wanted to remind Dwan of her power.  Kong would destroy anything that sought to seperate him from this mission.  King Kong understood  the eternal force of this divinity in the world, in Dwan, in me; and Kong would hold me like he held Dwan; securely but gently in his left palm while pounding, swatting helicopters, and tearing all that threatened this union with his right fist.  

Today like many days began in a fitness enviornment, in yoga, while in shivasana, I, imagined to be in Kongs Palm, doing all that I could to let go and melt into it's soft leathery center.  To surrender to the ancient and wild force that knows what is paramount, that's right, LOVE.. a raw genuine existence, which requires fierce protection, destruction of false realities, and sometimes  being the sacrifice leading toward greater truths.  King Kong is my spirit animal, my soulmate, my body guard and martyr.  Tonight as I fade under a full moon, I whisper words of love to my reflection, my beloved. A toast: to King Kong, destroyer of worlds.